Hunting aficionados will find here the best playground: more than 1700 hectares of wood, the ideal place for organized hunting parties, in particular wild boar and pheasants.

Also in Pischia is the famous hunting house that once belonged to Nicolae Ceausescu. The house was built in the inter-was period, was used to lodging the hunters and has served as the headquarters of the hunting brigade in charge of managing the hunting funds with varied wildlife, such as Pischia, Ortisoara, Cocor, Giarmata. The hunting house is part of the Forest Division Timisoara and it is located at the western extremity of the Lipova Hills.


The beginnings of the royal hunting parties around Pischia are not known. From the information received from the oldest inhabitants, it can be shown that the forests located between the villages of Pischia, Bencecu de Jos, Salciua Noua, Remetea Mica, SarIota, Bogda, Buzad, Comiat, Altringen were “royal reserves”, where stags, deer, roe deer, wild board, pheasants, foxes and even wolves could be hunted.

Royal hunting were organized each year, especially in the period after 1910 and in the inter-war period, in particular in the winter. These hunting parties were attended by the former Romanian kings, Ferdinand, Carol II and Mihai I, accompanied by their guests from country and from abroad. The royal train that transported them was stationed in Pischia station, whence they would set out hunting, in carriages, and later in cars. There were still alive men like Graure Ion, Steia Cristian, who know from their parents or who have attended themselves such hunting parties in the years 1929-1932. Peasants from neighboring villages would be called as beaters, around 120-150 persons participated, who were of course paid for this.

The hunting parties continued in the years after World War Two, during the communist regime, when such “presidential hunting parties” would organized, being attended by the country and party leaders Gheorghe Gheorghiu Dej, Nicolae Ceausescu, Ion Gheorghe Maurer and their guest, the representatives of other socialist states, such as Hrusciov, Tito, Jivkov, Honneker, Kadar, Gomulka, etc. which I also attended, as a beater, alongside others from neighboring villages. These hunting parties were carried out according to a rigorous program, in an order set by the county officials and under the strict surveillance of the militie and securitate, the people not being allowed to get to close to the game or to communicate with them without being provoked or to give them letters.

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