Local Traditions

The Community Center of Pischia commune houses each year the “Village Prayer” which gathers a large number of local people, as well as guests from neighboring communes and from other counties. This moment is extremely emotional, because every time, those who left the village return home from all the corners of the earth. And the village always welcomes them with open arms.

All Prayers have their own dates, since time immemorial, and are kept and carried on: The Prayer of Pischia is held each year on Advent day; in Bencecu de Sus, people gather for the Prayer in the last Sunday in August, and the Prayer of Bencecu de Jos is held in the first Sunday in September.

In Murani, the village prayer is held the day after Easter day, each year.

In all Prayers and not only, the authentic folklore, specific dances and unique attire are brought on stage by the two ensembles of folk dance and modern dance, with a rich national and international activity, which contributes to keeping it alive and passing on the cultural traditions and customs of Banat and other parts of the country.

Over the years, ever since their settlement in these parts of world, the cultural life of Germans in Pischia has been an important component of their existence. They have always known how to work, but also how to live their life, how to beautify it with cultural activities. This way, they formed a rich tradition, which they had enriched further by the time of their emigration to Germany.

They have always knows how to have fun, how to make a holiday out of anything and how to express themselves, from young to old. The actions organized and conducted have involved the entire community, either out of respect for tradition, or to be included in the community ensemble.

German folk dances executed by a band of young German boys and girls have always been another branch of the cultural activity after World War Two.

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