Mud Volcanoes

A rare natural phenomenon, the muddy volcanoes, are another solid argument for those who come to see Pischia and are due to the strategic disposition of the commune, on the line separating Mount Poiana Rusca from the Lipova hills, this is where you can find the muddy volcanoes and mineralized waters.

The muddy volcanoes are easy to find, on the exit from Pischia to Fibis, being positioned in a unique crater which cannot go unnoticed in the smooth forest. The gas released in the atmosphere through the nine pools bubbling in the crater can cause those who are more sensitive a slight dizziness. Although at first it seems as though the water and the mud are boiling, they are, in fact, very cold, and the gases emerging to the surface from the ground as cold.

When it rains, the crater fills with water, and the volcanoes become spectacular. In the old days, the people of Pischia and Seceani would come here to treat their rheumatism. The muddy volcanoes of Pischia are unique in the Western Plain, emphasizing the region’s touristic potential.

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