Orthodox Church

In 1929, there was a Christian Orthodox chapel in Pischia, functioning at number 267, a branch of the Christian Orthodox of Murani, having 29 families, consisting of 58 persons. It had a property of 32 joch of land.

Today, there is the parish of Pischia, which contains 315 families, consisting of 960 souls of which 33 are considered natives, the rest have come over the past 10 years. The patron saint to the church is “The Advent”.

The building of the current Christian Orthodox church was constructed between 1988-1990 by the village people, under the lead of the priest Vasile Ardelean.

The major religious holidays are dedicated to the Holy Virgin, to our Lord Jesus Christ and to the Saints. On Advent, the Church Prayer or its Patron saint is celebrated. The church was painted between 1994-1998 by the painter Stefan Gurmay.

Church attendance is good, with the exception of large holidays, where there are approximately 100-150 persons. As the Romanian population is not homogenous, having come here, alongside the German population and the few Romania native people, people from various geographical regions of Romania (Moldova, Oltenia, Transylvania, Dobrogea, from over 20 counties), it still does not have common traditions, in terms of spiritual and cultural life.