Salciua Noua

Salciua Noua, defended as by a natural fortress by the two hills standing guard on either side, on the banks of the stream Cobolas, was founded in 1925 with Romanians colonized from Transylvania. Today, it is a small and isolated village, located about 12 km from the town of Recas and 35 km from Timisoara Municipality.

It is located in the valley of the stream Cobolas, between two hills, and was founded was founded in 1925 with Romanians colonized from Transylvania, from the counties of Turda and Hunedoara, and from the village Salciua, hence the name, Salciua Noua.

In 1935, the village was in the Timis-Torontal County, Recas district, having 315 inhabitants, Christian Orthodox Romanians and 72 houses, and a total area of 720 jugers. The church was built in 1927, at the time of priest Ioan Cramba. The primary school was built a little while later, having one teaching position. The Perception, court and the gendarmerie post were in Recas, and the notary office in Herneacova, 6 km away.

Starting with the years 1988-1990, the village started to depopulate because of the long distance from the means of communications, the village people leaving for Recas, Giarmata Vii, Bencecul de Sus. In 2002, there were 42 inhabitants and 75 houses, mostly uninhabited. The family Cioara Valentin and Elena have functioned here as school teachers for many years.